Introducing finger foods to your baby

finger foods

Finger foods are literally foods that your baby can pick up and eat with their fist (and ultimately their fingers once they have become a bit of a pro and developed that all important pincer grip).  Some children will be more adventurous and determined to feed themselves more than others. For families that follow a […]

5 fail-proof tips to stop toddler throwing food

throwing food

Throwing food is a big issue for many families. I regularly  hear the desperate pleas from parents: “Lisa, help! My child keeps throwing their food on the floor”.  I can remember all too well when my own children were young, that defeated feeling of making their meal, with all the thought and process that goes […]

Food before one… is it just for fun?

Food before 1

You’ve probably heard from some people that food before one is just for fun, but is that really correct advice? There are generally two camps of people, those that are of the opinion that food before the age of one is optional, and those that believe it is an essential component of development. Regardless of […]

When should my baby start solids?

Starting solids

Starting solids is a major milestone in parenthood, but it shouldn’t be rushed! Rushing solids can have a long term negative impact on your child’s gut health. Here are the facts about starting solids When should solid food be added to the menu? Starting solids too early is not good for baby’s gut. Common reasons […]

Baby led weaning or puree?

Baby led weaning

Introducing first foods to your baby can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to choosing how they will be eating their food and what are the best ways are to include key nutrients in their diet. Baby led weaning has become popular in the last few years, challenging the convention of purees only. […]