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A monthly membership to help your fussy eater learn to love food. Using evidence based strategies to tackle fussy eating from a child centric perspective.

Activities and experiments
Practitioner only products
And so much more!

$35 per month

Practitioner Mentoring

Its you are a final year Nutritionist or Naturopath, newly graduated, or graduated for a while but want to work more with kids, the mentoring program is for you. Starts 4th Feb 2025 Tuesdays 10am - 12pm

The Paediatric Consultation
Naturopathic approaches to fussy eating
Peadiatric Gut issues
Food Reaction
Nervous system issues
Functional testing for paediatrics
and more.......

$1500 for 12 week program. Payment plans available

Practitioner mentoring

Fuss No More

Fuss No More Method

A proven holistic 12 week program to end the struggles of eating and create happy, relaxed family mealtimes. The program includes: An initial consultation to understand your family situation and the drivers that may be behind your child's struggle with food. A microbiome test to assess gut health. A hair tissue mineral analysis looking for nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal toxicities. A comprehensive yet realistic treatment plan based on test results. 10 weekly sessions with a feeding therapist to coach you through food play and changes you need to make at home. Access to a database of recipes, videos and much more.

Total cost $3297 NDIS may apply. Please contact us for details.

*Payment plan available

The teenage skin coach package

A 12 week journey to clear skin

Total cost $377

*Payment plan available

The teenage skin coach package

A 12 week journey to clear skin

Total cost $495

*Payment plan available

Skin Coach Package

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

The WHole Child &
The Harmonious Home

The Whole Child package is for parents who would like some extra support in improving their child’s emotional and physical well-being, exploring and understanding the root causes to problems such as anxiety, sleep, concentration, constipation and school avoidance.

The Harmonious Home program is for parents who would like some extra support with both their child’s and their own emotional and physical well-being. A wholistic approach will examine underlying root causes to you and your child’s health including gut and neurotransmitter function and difficult/traumatic memories and limiting beliefs.

Total cost $899 for The Whole Child and $1950 for the Harmonious Home

*Payment plan available

Need Specific Advice?

Single appointments available:
Initial appointment $179-350
Follow up appointment $119-129

What Is Feeding Therapy?