Our Paediatric Experts

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Feeding therapist and founder of The Paediatric Naturopath

Lisa Moane

  • BHSc Naturopathy
  • Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine
  • Associate Nutritionist (Nutrition Society of Australia)
  • MSc Food Science
  • SOS Feeding therapist level 3
  • The Get Permission Approach to Anxious Eaters, Anxious Mealtimes with Marsha Dunn Klein
  • ARFID Masterclass with Melanie Potock
  • My Munch Bug course - Feeding Development
  • GAPS Practitioner
  • AIP Coach

Lisa is an experienced naturopath, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the children she cares for.

She founded The Paediatric Naturopath, one of Australia’s leading online Naturopathy clinics focussed solely on the needs of children.

With 3 children of her own, Lisa weaves together the technical know how with the practicalities of family life to ensure achievable positive outcomes for children.

The Paediatric Naturopath

Clinical nutritionist

Summer Komiya

Summer is a Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc NutDMed) and SOS trained feeding therapist with a background in education who is passionate about helping kids thrive. She loves to empower kids and their caregivers with knowledge and practical solutions to get kids moving towards more balanced health and wellbeing.

Summer combines traditional food knowledge alongside evidence-based nutritional medicine strategies to provide foundational and targeted support individualised to each person. She offers assistance in areas including digestive complaints (constipation, diarrhoea, pain, bloating), food sensitivities and intolerances, poor immunity, poor energy, and allergic conditions (food allergies, eczema, rashes, hay fever, asthma).

Summer is a mum of two and spends a good amount of her free time in the kitchen baking and meal prepping, and experimenting with foods that are kid-friendly. She has experience in a wide range of dietary needs and preferences and particularly loves to find kid-friendly recipes to optimise their gut health; an area she believes is pivotal in many health conditions.

Clinical Nutrition is a private health fund recognised profession. Depending on your health insurance provider and your personal level of coverage you may be able to receive a health fund rebate. Please check with your provider to see if you are eligible. Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine) SOS Trained Feeding Therapist

Senior Naturopath & nutritionist


Kelly is a degree qualified Naturopath and registered Nutritional Therapist (UK).

Extensively trained in nutrition, functional medicine, Western herbal medicine and naturopathy, she has many tools in her toolbox to support clients.

 As a busy working mum of 3 sons, she understands first-hand the challenges and stresses placed on families today. Her sons have been her greatest teachers when it comes to supporting the health and wellbeing of kids and are the reason, she became a nutritionist and naturopath.

As a family they have overcome sensory processing and behaviour challenges, anxiety, night terrors, and food intolerances. More recently, supporting parents through cognitive decline and navigating perimenopause means she is a practitioner who is “walking the talk”.

Kelly has a special love for supporting gut issues, immunehealth, and hormone imbalances.

  • Bachelor Health Science with Distinction (Naturopathy)
  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy (UK)
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Applying functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
  • Foundation in Systematic Kinesiology (UK)
  • Advanced Pathology Interpretation Training
  • Bio-individual Nutrition Practitioner – Foundations and Paediatric
  • Intimate Ecology – Vagiversity Advanced Vaginal Health

    Senior Naturopath & Nutritionist


    Amy is a degree qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist with

    over 14 years experience. Her special interests are in paediatric neurotoxicity, neurodiversity and unexplained nutrient deficiencies. She also sees children with recurrent tonsillitis and ear infections, behaviour concerns, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and lowered immunity.

    Since becoming a mother herself, Amy has first hand experience of the ups and downs of children's health, and the impact this has on the family unit. This has greatly shaped the way Amy practices, you will find her patient, compassionate and realistic with her treatments. 

    Amys superpowers are that of an investigative manner... Utilising functional testing and non-invasive pathology methods, she gets to the bottom of the underlying causes of your child's presenting symptoms. 

    When not in clinic, you will find Amy in the kitchen forever making wholesome snacks for her growing boys, or out in nature having family adventures. 

    • Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy)
    • Bachelor Health Science (Nutritional medicine


      Kate Perini

      Kate is a Clinical Naturopath & Primary School Teacher with a long history of working in natural therapies and 12 years working as a school teacher (classroom, learning support and kitchen garden teacher). She has worked with a range of children in a variety of settings including support units and is devoted to improving the health and well-being of children and their families.

      Kate enjoys using small, practical & realistic goals to achieve results. These goals may encompass functional nutritional changes using foods, nutrients and herbs, gut- brain healing, detoxification, social and emotional changes, sleep habits and improving nervous system function and relational connections. She has also worked as a lifeline counsellor and caseworker and is studying integrated somatic EMDR therapy to further support her clients in their nervous system function which may be affecting digestion, cognition and other systems.

      Kate understands the nuances within systems and structures and the barriers they may present and the challenges of staying healthy in a society that often promotes unhealthy habits. She has a compassionate and pragmatic nature. In her spare time she enjoys swimming in the ocean, cooking, writing and playing music, bushwalking and spending time with her family.

      • Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) (University Western Sydney)
      • Masters Teaching (Primary)
      • Graduate Diploma Psychology (CSU) (current)
      • MINDD certified practitioner
      • Certificate in Nutritional Psychiatry (Deakin University)
      • Diploma Remedial Massage
      • Certificate in Infant Massage Instruction (Baby in Mind)
      • Certificate in Women’s Health Functional Medicine (ACNEM)
      • Neurosequential Model Training for Educators (Trauma Informed - Dr Bruce Perry)
      • Certificate in Educational Support for Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties (Department Education)
      • Certificate in Somatic EMDR Therapy (current – The Body Lab)


      Sara Kallis

      Sara is a Certified Practicing Nutritionist and SOS Trained Feeding Therapist with a unique dual degree – a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) and a Bachelor of International Business. With over two decades of experience in the health industry, Sara has been practising clinical nutrition since 2021.

      Sara collaborates closely with her clients to uncover the underlying causes of their health concerns and assists them to achieve their health goals. She understands that the journey to long-term health lies in making realistic and sustainable changes that integrate into an individual's lifestyle.

      Sara specialises in a range of health issues including:

      • Gastrointestinal problems
      • Allergies and food intolerances
      • Nutritional deficiencies
      • Fatigue
      • Skin conditions
      • Mood disorders
      • Chronic disease management

      In her spare time, Sara enjoys spending time with her family, doing yoga, reading, gardening, strolling sandy beaches, and testing out new recipes.

      • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and
      • Dietetic Medicine)
      • Bachelor of International Business
      • SOS Trained Feeding Therapist
      • Member of the Australasian Association and Register of Practicing Nutritionists (AARPN)

      epilepsy practitioner

      Clinical Nutritionist

      Sonya Reynolds

      Sonya's journey into the world of nutrition started over 16 years ago, fueled by a deep-seated passion to empower individuals on their path to healing. It was a personal turning point when her eldest daughter faced the sudden and aggressive onset of epilepsy, resistant to conventional medications. Determined to find a solution, Sonya delved into dietary and supplement therapies, witnessing firsthand the transformative impact they had on her daughter's life. Today, her daughter lives seizure-free, but Sonya carries with her the profound understanding of navigating life with a child affected by an invisible disability, the seizures leaving lasting effects on her daughter's brain.

      In her extensive career, Sonya has worn many hats. Serving as both a clinician and a mentor to fellow practitioners as well as a Senior Trainer and Practitioner Educator for a prominent supplement company. She has shared her expertise on the Ketogenic and modified Atkins diets for epilepsy, as well as natural medicine approaches.

      Sonya's approach is grounded in functional testing, enabling her to uncover the underlying causes of health issues and provide evidence-based recommendations and practical strategies for management and recovery. She thrives on complex cases, particularly those related to digestive health, recognising the profound impact the gut can have on overall well-being.

      • Bachelor of Arts
      • Diploma in Nutrition
      • Graduate Certificate in Nutrition
      • Certified Beautiful You Life Coach
      • Co-Creation Theta Healing