Head banging in kids – healthy or harmful?

Head banging can come as a bit of a surprise and, when ongoing, be quite distressful for all involved. Kids may be banging their heads against a wall or on the floor during a tantrum or emotional outburst. It may be because they are in pain with a headache or an ear infection and are […]

Understanding autism in girls

Autism in girls has not had the same attention as in boys. Research focused on Autism prevalence has historically been on Autism in boys. If you read up on Autism prevalence rates, male to female ratios can vary from 16:1 to 2:1. There are many reasons as to why girls have historically flown under the […]

PANS/PANDAS: an alarming cause of sudden personality changes in children


What would you do if your usually happy and calm child suddenly woke up one day and was unrecognisable? What if they started: Unfortunately this is the reality for an estimated 1 in every 200 parents whose child experiences the acute onset of PANS or PANDAS.  So what exactly is it? Understanding PANS & PANDAS […]

Helping your teen manage their anxiety

teen anxiety

So, you think your child is suffering from anxiety – what now? Firstly, know that you are not alone! A 2015 Australian population study found that 7% of children between 4 and 17 years of age had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the previous 12 months. Worryingly, this figure is expected to increase […]

Understanding teen anxiety

teen anxiety

Teen anxiety is a serious concern for many parents. According to Beyond Blue, almost 20% of Australian teenagers aged between 11 and 17 will experience some level of high or very high psychological stress and anxiety, with almost 50% of long-term mental health conditions first occurring in children before their 14th birthday. I’m sure you […]

Does Your Child Need Help With Detoxification?

Have you ever wondered if your child needs some support when it comes to detoxification? Or perhaps you were curious if cleansing and detoxing are safe for kids? Many parents are afraid when I first discuss the concept of supporting detoxification in their child. But small changes can make a massive difference to symptoms including […]

Is lead toxicity affecting your child?

lead toxicity

What is Lead? Lead is a naturally-occurring element and industrially-produced metal that is highly toxic to children.  It used to be used in all sorts of places – paint, petrol, pipes, ceramics and solder. Although it has been largely phased out it is still found in lipstick, and is still emitted from industrial sites such […]

Are food colourings safe for children?

Does your child love: Lollies Cordial Soft drink Ice cream Store bought cakes and slices? These foods are really attractive to kids as they contain artificial colours. Articifical colours are even in certain brands of pickles, smoked salmon and salad dressing, as well as medications. Children are the biggest consumers of food colours. Is it […]

Good Fats for Healthy Brains

Fat is one of the three main macronutrients (along with carbohydrates and protein) that our bodies need to function and survive. Getting enough healthy fats is essential for growth and development, especially for kids. Why do we need fat?  To build the brain. Fat gives the structure to cell membranes and myelin (the fatty sheath […]

The health effects of aluminium

I do a lot of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with my clients.  It’s reasonably priced, it doesn’t involve taking blood and it gives a tonne of information. Something I see come up a lot is high levels of aluminium. What is aluminium? Aluminium is the 3rd most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, it has […]