Natural treatments for epilepsy

epilepsy practitioner

Sonya brings to the fold a wealth of experience in epilepsy in children and the many beneficial ways in which complementary therapies can form an integral part of treatment. A diagnosis of epilepsy in a child is both confronting and overwhelming for parents who often have more questions than answers.  We sat down with Sonya […]

How Much Should My Child Be Eating? Essential Guidelines for Parents

how much should my child be eating

How much should my child be eating: There isn’t an easy answer to this I’m afraid.  Some children eat more than others. Children will eat more or less at different stages of growth and development – for example your child might have eaten more as a one year old than a two year old The […]

6 reasons your child’s iron supplement isn’t helping?

iron supplementation anemia fatigue low iron IDA

Giving your child an iron supplement is not something to do without solid data to say that it is required. Iron is an essential mineral that plays numerous roles in the body. It is most commonly known for its job in making red blood cells. Iron is used to make haemoglobin, the part of red […]

Teething: 1 Myth and 9 Remedies

Most infants will see their first tooth by around the age of 6-8 months. The first teeth to pop through are the bottom front teeth then about 1-2 months later the top four front teeth and so on and so on until they have about 20 teeth by the age of 2.5 years old. The […]

7 ways we help with speech delay

Speech delay in your child can be a great source of stress and anxiety. A child’s brain is developing and maturing at a rapid pace during the first 3 years of their life. It is therefore a very important time for speech and language development. Maximising exposure to sounds and sights as well as speech […]

How to help your child with toilet training

Independent toileting can be an exciting developmental step in your child’s life. There are a number of different toilet training methods out there to choose from, although in reality the main priorities are to remain positive and consistent when toilet training your child. If you think both you and your child are ready to start […]

The problem with iron supplements

iron supplement

I see a definite pattern with the children that come to see me. Many of them will have been to see a GP or gastroenterologist about their health issues. A lot of them will have been told to take oral iron supplements. And only a few of them will actually have had their iron levels […]

The 4 natural benefits of forest bathing for kids

Forest bathing is a term created in Japan in the early 1980s as a public health strategy to encourage the Japanese to spend more time in nature. Forest bathing aims to add balance to our busy lives that have become very much distant from nature. Based on the millions of years humans have inhabited the […]

How to get your child to increase water intake

Good water intake is one of the most essential things in life. You may have heard that we can survive without food for weeks but when it comes to water, we have only days. Our bodies are not able to store water and hence need a fresh supply each day to make up for the […]

The 4 worst foods for acne

Pimples are pretty much a given experience for kids around puberty time and moving through adolescence. For some kids, it is a daily challenge and a source of emotional stress that can have a strong impact on their self-esteem. We are often told that it is all about cleanliness and a proper skin cleansing routine […]