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Naturopath, Nutritionist, Feeding therapist and founder of The Paediatric Naturopath

Lisa Moane

Lisa is an experienced naturopath, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the children she cares for.

She founded The Paediatric Naturopath, one of Australia’s leading online Naturopathy clinics focussed solely on the needs of children.

With 3 children of her own, Lisa weaves together the technical know how with the practicalities of family life to ensure achievable positive outcomes for children.

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We took our nearly 3 year old to Lisa because he had eczema and a red raised rash on his face, arms, legs and sometimes stomach. He also had constant loose-ish stools. Through Lisa we found that he had intolerances to many foods and a leaky gut. After actioning Lisa's recommendations we noticed a significant improvement within a week! We are 2 months into her protocol and the rash on his face has gone! Legs are nearly back to normal, with only rash on arms and eczema left to be resolved and his stools have improved! We feel really positive about continuing so that we may heal our little boy. Lisa is approachable and a wealth of knowledge. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

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