How Can I Get My Kids To Take Their Supplements?

How Can I Get My Kids To Take Their Supplements?

Do your kids refuse to take their supplements?

Looking for a way to get them to comply without it taking a 30-minute tantrum every morning?

We know that it’s important for many kids to take their supplements if they are going to feel healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, our kids don’t understand that as much – they just understand that it tastes yucky or feels gross in their mouth!

The good news is there are some simple tweaks to help you get your little ones to accept their daily supplements.

There are a few key strategies that my clients have had success with when it comes to their kids taking supplements. These can be used for a variety of different supplements, from liquid herbs to powders and even crushed tablets or opened capsules.


These are the quickest and easiest option for almost any mixture. Dose out their herbs into ice-block moulds, and add some water, juice or or even some puréed fruit.

Freeze and serve out each day.


Combine the herbs or supplement with some gelatin and a natural sweetener such as honey. Pour them into moulds and pop them into the fridge to make child-friendly jellies.


This is a great two-in-one option if your child isn’t a fan of breakfast. Add their herbs or powders into a smoothie. I have heaps of smoothie recipes on my website, like this one.

Make sure that you use some stronger flavours to cover up bitter herbs. Berry smoothies and chocolate smoothies made with cacao are two good options to consider.

With older kids…

….explain why – the previous tips are great for young kids. But once your child gets to about 9 or so, you can start telling them why they are taking the supplements.

Make sure you tell them the benefits from their perspective – for example, if they are taking zinc or magnesium, you might tell them it can help clear up their skin or keep them feeling calm and happy at school. This means they are more likely to accept the supplements each day.

What if my child won’t take their supplements? Are there alternatives?

In some cases, you might really struggle to get your kids to take their supplements in any form. This might be because there is a sensory aspect, particularly if your child has ADHD or autism.

Transdermal creams are one alternative to consider. They tend to be more expensive than oral supplements, but it may be useful for the early stages until there is some improvement in symptoms. Common nutrients such as iron, B12, zinc and magnesium can be taken in this form.

Another alternative is celloids – mineral supplements that are in small white pill form. Many children have no problem with using celloids, as they tend to be more gentle, have little to no taste, and are easy to take.

However, it is important to remember that parents rarely say they can’t get their kids to take antibiotics. There needs to be the same level of importance given to supplements as well.

You, the care-giver, are the best person to work out how to get your child to take a supplement – you know your child better than anyone!

So if your child being happy and healthy is your end-goal, get creative and find a way to incorporate it into their daily routine.

What next?

It’s important that as parents, we give our children the right type and form of supplement for their needs. Working with a qualified nutritionist can be a good option to ensure that your child is taking what they need. To book a free chat to see how I can help, click here.

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