ADHD medication: 3 ways to boost appetite

ADHD medication

The affect of ADHD medication methylphenidate (Ritalin / Concerta) to reduce appetite and induce weight loss in children, at least in the short term is well known.  The other common drug lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) will also suppress appetite. If your child is a normal or above average size, this might not be a concern. However for […]

How sensory sensitivity may affect your child’s eating

Sensory sensitivity could be playing a big role in your child’s fussiness around food. More and more is being understood as to how our child’s sensory experience may have an influence on the foods they love to eat or downright refuse to eat. Although straight away the smell and taste of a food come to […]

Discover the 3 types of ARFID in children

ARFID in children (avoidant / restrictive food intake disorder) is a diagnosis that has been in the DSM V since it was published in 2013.  It is a type of extreme picky eating.  Read more about it here. ARFID vs picky eating For diagnosis purposes, ARFID falls under an eating disorder, whereas picky eating falls […]

Discover Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)


What is ARFID? Avoidant /restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) was a diagnosed added to the DSM V in 2013.  The DSM is basically that bible for mental health diagnosis, created by the American Psychiatric Association.  It is extremely picky eating. Is ARFID a mental illness? This diagnosis replaced an older one called ‘Feeding Disorder of […]

5 fail-proof tips to stop toddler throwing food

throwing food

Throwing food is a big issue for many families. I regularly  hear the desperate pleas from parents: “Lisa, help! My child keeps throwing their food on the floor”.  I can remember all too well when my own children were young, that defeated feeling of making their meal, with all the thought and process that goes […]

5 Great Protein Sources for Fussy Eaters

fussy eaters

It’s one of the biggest challenges that parents of fussy eaters face: how do you get your child to eat protein if they have an aversion to certain meats or textures?  Kids need protein for a variety of reasons, such as growth, blood sugar balance and effective sleep patterns. For more information on how much […]

How much protein does your child need?


Questions around protein intake are common, for kids and adults alike. Understanding your child’s macronutrient requirements can be confusing and overwhelming. Kids tend to gravitate toward carb-rich meals, and it’s often easier to appease them with foods they enjoy and that feels safe and familiar than try to ‘rock the boat’ with different options.  But […]

PANS/PANDAS: an alarming cause of sudden personality changes in children


What would you do if your usually happy and calm child suddenly woke up one day and was unrecognisable? What if they started: Unfortunately this is the reality for an estimated 1 in every 200 parents whose child experiences the acute onset of PANS or PANDAS.  So what exactly is it? Understanding PANS & PANDAS […]

How to have a family meal time with a fussy eater

Family meal times used to be a daily occurrence. Everyone would sit around the dinner table at the end of the day and eat together, share stories about their day and spend quality time together. In my article about why I prioritise family mealtimes, I explain the many benefits of eating together. If you have […]

What are food jags and why do they matter for fussy eaters?

What are food jags If you have a fussy eater in your family, you might have noticed that they want to eat the same food on repeat. If your fussy eater is older enough, you may have experienced them eating the same food over and over, until one day they never look at it again! […]