Does your child suffer from cow’s milk protein intolerance?

cow's milk protein intolerance

Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance (CMPI) is an issue that can affect many babies. Figures indicate that CMPI can affect up to 5% of all infants and children. Sensitisation to Cow’s Milk Protein will often occur in pregnancy, breast or bottle feeding. What is Cows’s Milk Protein Intolerance? CMPI differs to that of an allergic response, […]

Are oats gluten free or not?

I get asked all the time if, “are oats gluten free?” It is a question that is guaranteed to pop up when I ask my clients to trial an elimination of gluten from their diet to address their presenting health concerns.There is a lot of confusion in the public about whether oats are gluten free […]

Making sense of coeliac disease in children

Coeliac disease

Coeliac disease is a complex multi-system condition that affects digestion and can lead to serious ongoing health concerns for your child. Some of the biggest longterm risks include iron and nutrient deficiencies, anaemia and other autoimmune diseases. Diagnosis has become increasingly common due to testing and screening advancements in the last decade. Despite this, it […]

Could Your Child Have Undiagnosed Food Intolerances?

Are you concerned that your child has a food intolerance? Unlike food allergies, an intolerance can go undiagnosed for months or even years after symptoms set in. But the good news is that identifying and addressing an intolerance can make a huge difference to your child’s wellbeing. Allergies vs intolerances A food allergy involves a […]

Is Your Child Intolerant To Dairy? Here’s How To Tell

cow's milk protein intolerance

Are you concerned that your child might have issues with dairy? Dairy intolerance is one of the most common intolerances in children. It’s true that dairy is a source of protein, calcium, zinc, magnesium and fat-soluble vitamins. But it is not the only source of these nutrients! Many people, particularly children, don’t do well with […]

The how, when and why of food allergy testing

Did you ever wonder if your child might have a food allergy? Have you not been satisfied with the allergy testing you had and still have suspicions that some of your child’s symptoms might be caused by food? Maybe your child has mood issues, a puffy face, allergic shiners (black eyes), still wets the bed […]

Where will I get my calcium if I don’t eat dairy?

Everyone knows that calcium is good for bones. It has been drummed into us that dairy foods is where we get our calcium from. There are a few issues with that.  Firstly, lots of people can’t tolerate dairy.  They may have a full blown allergy, or they may have an intolerance.  Lots of children find […]